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If you are having trouble getting your people excited about the new direction of your organization, maybe it’s because they don’t have a vivid picture of what the new future looks like. What we are already doing is clear and comfortable. For most people, the unknown is unpleasant. And I find most leaders don’t translate big ideas into the specific steps their staff will need to take. And before we get too harsh on those people who need their hands held, I will admit that I also falter when I don’t have clarity.

Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity.

James Clear

All too often, I find myself avoiding emails that I don’t know how to answer. Many days that I blocked off on my calendar to write the next chapter in my book, I’ve spent them cleaning my closet and answering emails–because I knew exactly what to do there, and I wasn’t sure what to write yet.

I’m not saying motivation isn’t something we need to work on. But I am saying that we blame a lot of clarity issues on motivation.

Set a measurable goal. Name the next step in really specific terms. Put a timeline together.

You might be surprised at what happens to the energy levels when you move from vague to clear.


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