I spoke at an event a while back and the other keynote speaker was one of my friends, Jim Huling, co-author of the #1 best selling book, The 4 Disciplines of Execution. (It’s a great read. I highly recommend it.)

In his presentation, he shared one of the big findings from their book, “The more goals you set the less you achieve.” The results from the study his consulting organization conducted really challenged me.

If an organization set 2-3 goals, they typically achieved 2-3.

If an organization set 4-10 goals, they typically achieved 1-2.

If an organization set 11-20 goals, they typically achieved 0.

The fewer goals you focus on, the greater the chance you will actually accomplish them.

This is especially hard for me. I’m a dreamer. When I do a planning retreat, I come home with 11 different BHAG’s, each with measures and a plan to get there. 

Jim’s challenge is a serious warning to me. What’s most important? Sure, they’re all important. But what’s most important?

No ideas is bad. But too many ideas is just as bad!

Do you know what’s most important for you next year? Have you been able to narrow your focus to 2-3 goals at most? If not, then I’d invite you to think deeply and pray hard. 

Because the fewer goals I set, the better my life will be.



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