The difference 10% makes

In February of 2023, I spent a week at the Grand Targhee Resort in the Grand Teton National Park. I didn’t actually intend to go there, though. I was planning to go to Jackson Hole, which is the much more famous ski resort in this area. I was only looking in the area because so many friends told me how much they loved Jackson Hole, so I had no intention of going elsewhere. But while planning that trip, I stumbled across the existence of the Grand Targhee Resort and changed my plans. But it wasn’t because Grand Targhee was easier or more convenient.  

In fact, to get there, my family and I flew into the Jackson Hole airport and drove right past the Jackson Hole ski resort. We had to drive more than an hour past Jackson Hole to get to Grand Targhee. It’s on the other side of the mountain range from Jackson Hole. Also, to be honest, the lodging was a little older than what we could have gotten in Jackson Hole (still clean and comfy).

So why did I go one hour further? 

It turns out that Grand Targhee is known for being the ski resort for people who love skiing. It’s the place I heard multiple people say they return to year after year after visiting all the other resorts. Why?

Because it’s on the other side of the mountain range, fewer people come, so while we weren’t alone, we had lots of open space to play. Because it’s on the other side of the mountain range, it gets more fresh powder than Jackson Hole. In the United States, the weather pattern moves from west to east, so only some of the snow makes it over the mountain to the other side–and it’s a bit less soft powder.

I’ve skied in resorts all over North America, including the famous big places like Vail and Whistler, and this has been one of my favorite experiences ever. The snow was amazing, but the runs themselves were really, really beautiful, including mind-blowing views of the famous Grand Tetons. 

I’m sure Jackson Hole would have been a good experience, but it wouldn’t have been as special as Grand Targhee. 

Why am I saying this? Because I think there are a lot of situations like this in life. 

I could have followed the crowds to Jackson Hole. It would have been more convenient. But a little bit of extra work made a huge difference. Being willing to drive one hour more took that trip to a whole other level of fun. 

Where are you settling for the common solution? What would it look like for you to drive one hour further than everyone else, so to speak? That little bit of effort could change your life.

The difference between good and great is often only 10% more.



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